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TCR Diary – Day 6

Right, decision time. Day 6 has not gone well – technicals, hills, heat and legs that just won’t push. Five hours in and I’ve not even hit 100k. Doing the numbers, there is no way I’m going to get to brest via the last two remaining mountain checkpoints. So the plan is to get across…

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TCR Diary – Day 5

Day 5, 188km so far. Unlike the UK, decent petrol stations are only slowly catching on so you stop where you can. It’s been a long mileage day, with plenty more to go until another £10 room – if I’d know it would have been that cheap I’d have not bothered with a bivy! But…

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TCR Diary – Day 4

So, day 4. Another day missing the mileage target after the parcours saw us route up 30k of gravel climbing. Not the good gravel, either. Beautiful and remote as the chap who was dancing on his pedals as he sailed passed me pointed out, and if I could have caught up with him they’d have…

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