The bike returns! Not without issue, and although I’ve made out a bit like a bandit in terms of parts, the shop have fouled up with their quote to an excessive extent and it took some real doing to persuade them to honour their actual price and they decided to make me feel like a bit of a heel in doing so. But fine. It is done and pending the power meter, I don’t need to return so that is that. I’m not going to put up a shit review but I am certainly never going to recommend them to anyone – their workshop has no concept of customer service and it has cost them.

But the RTD returns, with shiny DI2 (which brings with it a whole new set of trials). The headlamp solution works, or at least it stacks up in the house, I’ve yet to take it out into the real world.

Side view
Front view
Cockpit view

It doesn’t look like a massive change, but it’s freed the cockpit up for all manner of changes – sleeping bag, phones, seatback tray….

The 76Project bar is also spot on – plenty of adaptors to get the fit just so, nice and solid and it gets the bike computer up front and out of the way. Cabling (photo to follow) is also easier, if slightly more obvious, but also out of the way of everything else. All in all, something I wish I’d done for the TCR (like so many, many things!)

On the training side, The Sufferfest has added a whole raft of (gasp!) non-HIIT rides! I know, right? Basically recovery up to sub(ish)-tempo rides on top of some documentary films, which makes a real change to the ‘we-need-recovery-in-the-plan-lets-notch-the-suffering-down-to-60%’ rides, which are fine, but not really what GVA intended. NB Holy Week (which follows the Tour Of Flanders) is not an easy ride, as I found out while clinging on for dear life. It is very much at the upper end of sub-tempo, arguably in sweet-spot territory. Good, though.