It’s surprisingly easy to get wrong. This post by Susan Barr, et al, is a good start for straight calorie values. For me and my target speeds, I’m looking at trying to get nearly 600 calories an hour down which is going to be a tough old ask. At 16 hours a day (targeted, any way), that comes in at around 9,500cal per day!

On the TCR I was dumping down Fanta at a prodigious rate and I’m quite convinced that my lack of appetite did for me – there’s only so many 7 Days you can cram down you so I’m going to need to do some research about what’s likely to be available in the Netherlands.

I’ve got some Huel bars on order. I’m quite happy with the powder as a meal replacement, but it’s still too bulky to consider as fuel for the bike (and it’s a bugger to mix without a blender), but the bars are coming in at 200cal a pop so it has potential at least for audax purposes – 3 an hour isn’t beyond the realm of possibility (although two is probably more realistic, with the deficit made up from a meal).

RATN is of course a different matter. Because it’s relatively flat as races go, I can consider carrying a bit more weight through the early stages and am pondering the benefit of some high-calorie Expedition Foods – they produce meals in the 1000cal mark which can nominally be prepared with cold water. I imagine that that is liable to be ghastly, but potentially a granola meal in the morning, another meal halfway through and one before sleeping may go some way towards reducing the calorie deficit.