Part of the Sufferlandria fitness plan is the setting of a ‘Mount Sufferlandria’. Sounds a bit cheesy, but the idea of the mental strength component is dealing with the motivation to actually get the training done.

Anyway, mine is to do the RaTN 2021 in under five days. Which is a big ask – ~450km a day, all day, for four days. And LEL opens in January ‘21, so that’s something else to look forward to – AL booked, bike’s in good shape, thighs are like iron (2wks into a 12wk ‘general purpose’ plan, anyway, with a custom plan in the offing at the other side).

Speaking of bikes, the RTD is in the shop for a bit of GRX DI2 action. Decided that the 1x at 41t isn’t quite where I want to be, but a 50/34 ultegra continues to have the ‘I’m not touching the big ring’ issue, so 48/31 with a chuffing great 42t on the back should be the way. Could reasonably drop it to a 32 for a flat race (cough RaTN cough).