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Month: May 2020

An actual update

As alluded to earlier on this page, updates have kind of fallen away.

I’d like to say that there’s a good reason for this, but there isn’t, although the ‘rona is an excellent excuse.

So my big ticket (or ‘Mt Sufferlandria’) for 2020 was going to be the RaTN, as recommended by the Bike Whisperer. This has, obviously, been postponed to the August bank holiday which regular followers will know that I will never get off as Notting Hill Carnival. Although that has been cancelled this year, wiser heads than I know it’s going to be a tricky old weekend even if it’s not formally permitted.

So I am down for the 2021 event. The insurance has carried over, I have plenty of time to reschedule the Chunnel, the bike is fine (new tyres – conti GP5000 which are pretty swift and I’ll regale you with my tyre revelation another time) so it’s just a case of maintaining fitness.

Updates? Who needs updates…

The astute amongst you will note a considerable time period between this post and the last one. I’m going to blame the ‘rona, as that’s why I wasn’t doing the Race across the Netherlands in May.

Not a great deal has changed, to be honest. Training has switched to the Sufferfest, which is ace. Bike is still the same, post fit, although I have a carbon fibre sporty number for local jaunts. Second hand Apidura has changed the layout slightly, going for bottles rather than bladder, but haven’t had the opportunity to test this.

More, as the CAD says, to follow.

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