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Month: July 2019

TCR Diary – Day 5

Day 5, 188km so far. Unlike the UK, decent petrol stations are only slowly catching on so you stop where you can.

It’s been a long mileage day, with plenty more to go until another £10 room – if I’d know it would have been that cheap I’d have not bothered with a bivy! But I have it and, if worst comes to worst…

No pictures today, haven’t had time and it’s been fairly flat and uninspiring. The plains are a bit like Norfolk writ large, along with accompanying headwind.

It’s currently 32 degrees, and only just starting to cool down. Getting nutrition and fluids has been a challenge. Lots of Fanta and random drinks full of sugar.

The loneliness is starting to bite now the tail of the race is thinning – Serbia not being in the EU means rationing internet or finding free Wi-Fi (at risk of being political, this is our future as a ‘third country’ when travelling around the EU, and it’s not great). Although my other half is only a whatsapp away, I’ve only had a couple of short conversations with other racers passing by and I’m starting to randomly start blubbing at nothing and everything. The soviet attitude to customer service is starting to grate as well.

They also like their folding cash. Although they have got Tesla on a note, it doesn’t help with me fumbling under the increasingly annoyed gaze of the cashier.

As the CAD invariably says, more to follow if they let me check in late…

MTF: 270km and the oddest hotel room ever. And then I look at what the race leader (cap 66, Fiona, sponsored by Boeing, probably) is putting away and I feel just a wee bit inadequate 😂

TCR Diary – Day 4

So, day 4. Another day missing the mileage target after the parcours saw us route up 30k of gravel climbing. Not the good gravel, either.

Beautiful and remote as the chap who was dancing on his pedals as he sailed passed me pointed out, and if I could have caught up with him they’d have never found the body.

Also nowhere to get any sort of provisions, not even my morning coffee – the whole day was fuelled by a ham sandwich and a croissant.

And the CP closed at 9am, so I’m out of the GC but can still post a finish. 5 days to get to CP3, and as the roads are now considerably improved, something that may be do-able.

Have got another room and intend to start pushing the miles with an early start tomorrow. I have no idea how the leaders do it.

TCR Diary – Day 2/3

So day two saw me on the remains of the CP1 parcour with possibly the longest climb I have ever done, finishing off with being nearly blown off the top next to the peace memorial.

Massively underestimated the time it would take, so pushed on towards Sofia with yet another endless grind of a climb. At 2230 I called it a night and bivid in a rest area which had both benches and water.

3am alarm, on the road by 0345. Good time until a thunderstorm and associated dynamo gremlins, but now about 40km from Sofia where I will be stocking up on innertubes and, more importantly, finding maccie d.

Didn’t make the border for CP2, got a room

TCR Diary – Day 1

So thanks to a mountain and temperatures of 32 degrees, I’m not quite where I’d like to be at this point. But I’m ahead of the Brompton and I keep leapfrogging the same faces.

Can’t stomach food, but I’ve avoided the worst of the heat exhaustion and should be on course for CP1, possibly even before midnight, once I’ve had a rest

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